For generations, Floyd County has relied on conventional agriculture as its primary economic activity, and more recently, cattle and dairy farming have dominated this industry.

More recently, there has been a decrease in the number of family farms and in relative farm income. In partnership with local government, we have secured grant funding from USDA to conduct a feasibility study for a fruit and vegetable processing facility for Floyd County.

Future Program Impact

This grant could ultimately lead to the building of a facility providing variety of local food processing services, including:

  • Aggregating and repackaging fresh produce
  • Cold storage
  • Packing and freezing local produce
  • Cannery and commercial kitchen

The facility would effectively extend the season for local farmers, add value and profit for agricultural products and open up new markets. This grant would identify a supply chain, conduct a marketing analysis, and potentially develop the parameters of a Floyd Brand for agricultural products.

This project is a major step forward in the collaboration between SustainFloyd and Floyd County government, and the county is considering granting a parcel of land for this purpose in the County’s commerce park. SustainFloyd has also applied for a grant through USDA Rural Development for a refrigerated truck that will serve both the farmers and end users as we move to a more local food economy.