SustainFloyd Announces its 2015 Fall Film Series, Starting October 8th

Screen Shot 53Mark your calendars.  SustainFloyd is announcing the movies and dates chosen for its 2015 Fall Film Series.  The popular documentary screenings at 7 p.m., preceded by dinner at 6:30 p.m. and followed by thought-provoking discussions at the Floyd Country Store will all be on Thursday nights this fall, starting with “Last Call at the Oasis” on October 8th.  You don’t need to be a member of SustainFloyd to attend; everyone is invited.

“We choose films that are relevant to Floyd as it sees itself in the world community,” said SustainFloyd President Jackie Crenshaw. “Last Call at the Oasis” looks at our most precious resource, water, and the impending global water crisis. This is truly a riveting documentary.”

Pasta and noodles are cooked in water, so SustainFloyd is offering a “Noodle Night” dinner at 6:30 p.m. before the movie, which will include a variety of noodle dishes. The movie will start at about 7 p.m. and an expert panel will follow the film.

On Thursday night, November 12th SustainFloyd will show “Fed Up,” which poses the question, “Why are Americans Getting Fat?”  The answer may surprise you in this well-researched, fascinating documentary.  A healthy soup and salad dinner will precede “Fed Up” and there will be a great discussion afterwards.

Then to celebrate the holiday season, all are invited to bring a dish for a potluck dinner on Thursday evening, December 10th and to see the touching film, “The Family Farm,” about the joys and difficulties of running a small farm.  An interesting discussion will wrap-up the evening.

SustainFloyd offers an intriguing film series at the Floyd Country Store

The series consists of documentaries aimed at addressing compelling environmental, cultural, and social issues. Generally the films are paired with a meal and followed by a panel discussion intended to localize the issue in question.

Thomas Berry: The Great Story

April 18th at the Floyd Country Store
Doors open for Beans & Rice dinner at 6:30pm

As a pioneer in the field of spirituality and ecology, Thomas Berry created a quiet revolution. He was a monk, a cultural historian, an author, a teacher, and a mystic.

He saw his life work as waking us up to that sacred story. He called us “mad” for the way we are despoiling our home, our planet, its beauty, and its living systems. He was a force that reminded us that we are living through the greatest extinction spasm of the past 65 million years. We are the ones responsible. Berry urged us to change our ways.

At the heart of the film is Berry’s experience of the universe as a cosmic liturgy. He reminds us that “we are not a collection of objects but a communion of subjects.” His values were rooted in this sacred cosmology which includes the entire natural world. The mountains, rivers, birds, fish, all living organisms are not there for our use but for a union which is needed for us to become who we are. As Berry said, “I am not myself without everything else.”



gaslands-buttonFALL 2014 FILM SERIES

The Fall 2014 series starts on September 28 with a showing of the film Gasland II. This is a follow on from the earlier film Gasland, made by Josh Fox. In this explosive sequel, Fox uses his trademark dark humor to take a deeper, broader look at the dangers of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the controversial method of extracting natural gas and oil, now occurring on a global level (in 32 countries worldwide). “Gasland Part II” won “Best Documentary” at the 2013 Environmental Media (EMA) Awards. This movie shows how the stakes have been raised on all sides in one of the most important environmental issues facing our nation today.


Leave it to Beavers filmThe October film on October 19th is “Leave it to Beavers” a charming and informative documentary which clarifies the important role beavers are able to play in water management. This is a great film for all the family. It is preceeded by a bake sale, with something of a Halloween theme, and followed by a discussion lead by Tom Davis with the National Park Service and Radford U Biologist Jane Cundiff of Floyd (who has a beaver colony on her property in Floyd.)

All this season’s films are scheduled for Sunday evenings. Doors will open at 6:00pm for food and conversation. Films will start around 6:30 to 6:45pm. Each film is followed by a panel lead community discussion.

Future films will be shown on November 16 (Chasing Ice)  and December 7 (Ground Operations.)

SustainFloyd is a 501(c)(3) social-benefit organization dedicated to preserving, enhancing and supporting a resilient local economy while preserving our natural and cultural resources.

Past Movies in the Film Series

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