When you hear the phrase “home tours” you probably imagine open doors to stately columned mansions or grand and expansive rural estates.

While it might be fun considering what it must be like to live large in those upscale dwellings as you walk through them, many people are not fiscally able or do not choose to take on such a project in excess of their actual needs or budget.

Tiny House Tour Poster 2014Housing debt need not be an inevitable burden for young families. There are other dimensions to being at home. Just ask the Floyd County tiny-house owners whose homes will be open for your inspection on May 17 from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm..

They will tell you that for them, thinking small is thinking smart and “smaller footprint” is both an ecological ethic and a description of their floor plan–as little as 120 square feet!

$15 tickets for the self-guided tour to five tiny houses go on sale May 1, and should be purchased ahead of time online or in person at the Floyd Country Store. In the evening of the same day at the Floyd Country Store, enjoy and learn from Tiny: The Movie: a story about living large. Doors open at 6pm and the movie starts at 6:30. Tickets are $5 at the door.

Need more information about the May 17 events? Click on the green poster image here. Or click here for the full detailed press release with everything you need to know.

These Tiny House images give you a taste of the space. To really learn what living tiny is like, you’ll want to see them for yourselves and hear their owner’s unique stories. Get tickets right away!

NOTE: the Floyd Community Market also has its grand opening the morning of May 17. Floyd may be tiny, but you won’t be bored!

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 Berzins Tiny House

Hari and Karl Berzins, Floyd, VA

Hari and Karl are well known in the tiny house community. They live mortgage-free in a 168 square-foot tiny home with sleeping lofts which they built themselves using $13,000 worth of materials. Karl is now working on their next, slightly larger, home. The family was featured on the Today show, on Anderson Cooper, and in Ladies’ Home Journal. The Berzins’ website, tinyhousefamily.com, offers a five-week online course in building a tiny house for “mortgage-freedom.”

 Pugh-Brown Tiny House

Christy Pugh and Ricardo Brown, Check, VA

Ricardo and Christy wanted to live in the woods and not work as many hours. They downsized their needs, saved for three years, and bought 10 acres in Floyd County. They slept in a tent for the first six months while they started building. Ricardo built the 12’ x 18’ house while Christy worked full-time for one year. Having no mortgage allowed them to dramatically change their lifestyle, to have more career freedom and leisure time. The house is 316 square-feet and powered by a solar electric system installed by Ricardo, who owns SolShine Energy Alternatives, LLC.

 Knapp Tiny House

Jim Knapp, Floyd, VA

Jim’s home is 120 square feet, the minimum square footage for a dwelling using the Universal Building Code. The spaciousness it affords is due to built-ins, and to the extra head room from the sloped ceiling. This tiny house started as a mobile home, and Jim used all the mobile’s ground work: water, electric, sewer, steel frame, and block piers as the basis for his new home. This tiny house has low property tax, low heat/electric cost and minimum water/sewer costs from Floyd PSA. Jim has always paid attention to what is need and what is want.

 Ohland Tiny House

Morgan and Amado Ohland, Floyd, VA

This cabin consists of a cinder block foundation, wood framing, metal roofing, wood pine slat interior walls, and cedar plank exterior siding. There is a galley kitchen with base cabinets, a full sink, and a full refrigerator. This tiny house also has a 3/4 bathroom with commode, mini-sink, and shower enclosure. An instant hot water system is installed under the kitchen sink; the pressure tank for their well is in an out-building on the property. For air heating and cooling, there is a single-zone mini-split ductless system. Morgan and Amado are thrilled with their home.

 Riverstone Tiny House

Riverstone Organic Farm, Floyd, VA

Farms are always looking for ways to house seasonal workers, and Kat Johnson has seen her fair share of on-farm housing. She has pitched a tent in the field and shared barn space with cattle. These days she is happy to call her 160 square-foot cedar-sided tiny cabin home. It is insulated, heated with wood, and has electricity, but no livestock! She uses the kitchen and bathroom in the main barn. A small space encourages Kat to enjoy the vast beauty outside her doorsteps each day.

 Riverstone Yurt

Riverstone Organic Farm, Floyd, VA

Also on the tour at Riverstone farm is a weekend retreat down by the riverside. The 16-foot diameter yurt is furnished for simple weekend living and is used three seasons of the year.



  1. 5-1-2014


    I am trying to buy several tickets for the Tiny house tour on May 17th, but I can’t quite find the correct page to pay online. The links seem to be giving me the run around.

    Could someone please email me a link to jessemartindale@hotmail.com or provide other payment options. Thank you for your help,

    Jesse 323-570-9500

  2. 5-1-2014

    Hi Jesse, sorry for the confusion. The link for tickets WAS to go up May 1 along with the tour maps–which have not been received as expected. The decision is being made whether or not to put up the tickets link even without the maps. Something should be decided today, and again, sorry for the misdirection and your patience is appreciated. We’ll make sure you have earliest access to tickets. — Fred First, SF Secr.

  3. 5-1-2014

    Thank you for the information. I’ve been trying since 7:00 this morning to get tickets because I am so excited. I certainly hope I hear when they will be ready.

  4. 5-1-2014

    Rae, I will email as soon as I hear. I think we’re shooting for early afternoon, and you will be one of the very first in line. Sorry for the delay. — Fred

  5. 5-1-2014

    All…the BUY NOW button for Tiny Tickets is now active on this page. Get’em while they’re hot!

    Please be aware that, while you can download the tour map, the colors are in need of improvement so that routes can better be distinguished from background. A simple change of color will make a big difference so if you need a new and improved map, check back a few days before the tour and print a copy.

    Looking forward to seeing a good group of tiny tour trippers on May 17th!

  6. 5-2-2014

    I’ve been looking at tiny home possibilities for the past year. It’s good to see although not surprising Floyd County is leading the way in the New River Valley. I will be out of town for this event and wondering if you intend on video taking this event.?

  7. 5-2-2014

    Greetings William, I can’t speak with total authority, but I have not heard talk of this on any grand scale. Might be we can tap a few local photogs to take short clips at each home on the tour. Then, getting all that edited into a ten minute video of high quality and good content would be another matter. Watch the SF website. If such a production comes about, be sure we’ll want folks to know about it!

  8. 5-10-2014

    I am unfortunately not able to make this tour, will you be offering another one later in the year?

  9. 5-10-2014

    There has been some talk of a possible repeat event next year. That, of
    course, will depend on attendance and other details from this year’s event,
    so stay tuned to what’s happening by way of the SF Facebook page or
    website. Sorry you’ll miss it this time around.

  10. 7-10-2014

    Please email me if you do another tour! So sad we missed it.

  11. 7-28-2014

    Hi Fred,

    I’m just finding out about this event – 2 months later! I think folks in Blacksburg would be very interested in hearing about events like this and I’d be happy to publicize them through the Sustainable Blacksburg listserv. Will you let me know of future events – especially another Tiny House tour?

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