Our Mission

SustainFloyd is a rural nonprofit in the Blue Ridge Mountains that undertakes projects to support the environment, agriculture, renewable energy and community well being.

Our Vision

  • To help localize our economy
  • To enhance and protect natural and cultural resources
  • To develop robust local food system
  • To advance issues related to climate change, energy independence, transportation, waste and recycling, and education.

We aim to bring together individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, and governmental and non-governmental agencies to find ways collectively to develop the ecological and financial health of our community for the well-being of all.  We maintain active, creative relationships with communities globally and most actively along the Blue Ridge Plateau and the New River Valley regions of Appalachian Virginia.

SustainFloyd Board at Work
Our office whiteboards are often in use to capture ideas and plan action
SustainFloyd Board Meeting 2016
SustainFloyd Board Meeting 2016

Our Organization

The SustainFloyd organization is powered by an active board of directors along with a committed group of community advisors and a dedicated volunteer base. A part-time administrator helps to coordinate the work of the whole group in an efficient way. Our efforts together support a wide range of ongoing and emerging programs, projects and activities.

The board has regular monthly meetings as do our four standing committees:   Executive Committe, Finance Committee, Development Committee and Stewardship Committee. Ongoing working groups keep our projects moving. These groups meet as needed, sometimes more often, sometimes less. The current working groups support our work on energy initiatives, the Farmers Market, the film series, agriculture initiative and Our Story Project. We periodically convene meetings with other local groups around emerging issues and form working groups to deal with specific projects.

Our annual board planning sessions allow us to discuss how current projects are progressing, set priorities for the coming year, and envision new ways to bring our values into action.

We have opportunities for volunteers to engage in planning work and in events and programs. There is much work to be done in this wide field and we are open to pursuing new projects as they arise.

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