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5 Tips for a Minimal Holiday Season

SustainFloyd has many focuses from agricultural awareness and economics to the alternative energy, but something that is particularly poignant this time of year is sustainability. It is in our name, after all. But how can you live sustainably when the holiday season pushes for spending money on gifts and elaborate decorations?

We’ve compiled a short list of tips, tricks, and ideas that could help make your holiday season easier on the pocketbook and on the planet.

  • Exchange consumables for the holidays. One community member said they exchange food and soaps for Christmas in a way to not build up clutter in their tiny home. 
  • Give a gift of a planted tree. With climate change altering carbon levels and the atmosphere, consider planting a tree for or in honor of someone special. That way their legacy can go on and continue filtering our air for many generations. 
  • Host family and friends for a festive meal. Instead of spending money on gifts, invite friends and family to your home for a meal, potluck even(!), to share in the joyous occasion. 
  • Find some event tickets as a gift. For many concert or festival events, if you purchase tickets in advance, they are offered at an early bird discount. Consider giving the gift of entertainment so your gift can turn into a memory. 
  • Consider an in-kind donation in someone’s name. A donation in-kind for an organization of your choosing is a lovely way to commemorate the holidays for someone while also giving back to the community. SustainFloyd is accepting in-kind and fundraising donations this year, and we strive to give back to Floyd all year long. It’s the gift that keeps giving!

We hope these ideas give you some inspiration to save some money, promote a clean and sustainable community, and make your loved ones feel special and recognized.

For more tips and ideas, contact SustainFloyd at or call 540-745-SEED.

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