Regifting with Purpose this Holiday Season

Regifting has gotten a bad reputation over the last several years as a “give up gift” or being seen as “cheap.”

It wasn’t too long ago when regifting was seen as an honor or a great treasure. If your grandmother gave you a scarf from her closet, it wasn’t because she was tired of it and wanted to do a little winter cleaning. It was the genuine gifting of something she treasured.

When did we get away from receiving treasured gifts to receiving the hottest trend of the year? Looking back when I was a child watching copious amounts of cartoons with toy-driven ads, my letters to Santa included brand names and gadgets instead of things that would have added value to… well, anything.

To a 9 year-old, “value” is a difficult concept to describe when hot pink and yellow colored toys are flashed before your eyes every 90 seconds. But it’s never too late to try and re-think the way we give.

As we quickly approach the holiday season, we are re-embracing the idea of re-gifting and passing along treasures that hold meaning in our lives. Here are some ideas we’ve come up with that can inspire an economical, simple, and treasured holiday season.

3 Re-Gifting Ideas

  1. Clothing: If you’re inspired to clean out your closet, maybe there are things you’re not wearing anymore but are still in tip-top shape. Consider finding that cosy sweater, random accessories, or even wedding attire and giving them a new home. Not only are you lightening your closet, but you’re saving money for you and your friend.
  2. Time: If a family member or friend can use a hand with a task or is in need of a laughter-filled visit, you can always give your time to join them for a cup of coffee, or lend an extra hand in decorating or cleaning a home. It’s also common to give time in sharing car rides and helping someone in need.
  3. Food: Baking, cooking, or preparing food goes a long way during the holidays. People are often strapped for time and resources, so bringing over a freshly-baked pie, dinner fixings, or a prepared dinner for someone could be a perfect way to give a gift that brings you together, keeps costs down, and doesn’t clutter up a home.

While these are just a couple of ideas on how re-gifting or finding value in economical gifts, there are so many more that perpetuate the mission of living sustainably. When celebrating the holidays, consider the environment, local economy, and the community as a whole.

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