Creative Solutions from VT Students

We were very happy to sponsor our third competition for Virginia Tech Industrial Design students. In the Fall Semester of 2023 we challenged the students to identify sustainability issues facing some Floyd organizations and asked them to offer design solutions. Students visited Red Rooster Coffee, Angels in the Attic, The […]

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A Smaller Holiday Footprint

Giving and receiving gifts doesn’t have to complicate the holiday season if it’s simplicity that we seek.  No matter which holidays you celebrate redefining traditions around a smaller footprint and reduced consumption can be done.  An internet search will turn up long lists of more earth friendly gifting ideas such

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Film screening Regenerating Life

Regenerating Life

Signup below for our free screening of this new documentary film. Regenerating Life makes a case for a more nuanced understanding of climate change. Enjoy beautiful photography, informative interviews and humor in this 2023 documentary from John Feldman. Start the New Year with some fresh climate change insights. Regenerating Life

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Kiss the Ground Documentary

Kiss the Ground

Free online screening on demand now until August 31! How about some good news for a change? KISS THE GROUND unveils a game-changer to our climate crisis: the Earth’s own soil. The documentary offers a solution to global warming– “Regenerative Agriculture”. The film presents the research, practice, and hope we

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Wildflower Wednesdays

Wildflower Wednesdays

SustainFloyd is working with the Floyd Native Plant Initiative to bring more native pollinator plants to the community. This Wednesday, May 24, is the first giveaway of seedlings that are being grown by volunteers to research which plants can be recommended to gardeners and growers in the Floyd County. You

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Horseshoe Crab Moon

Horseshoe Crab Moon

A free online on-demand showing of this fascinating documentary is planned for June 8-10. Sign up below to receive viewing information by email. HORSESHOE CRAB MOON follows the scientists, researchers, and citizen scientists as they study the decline of the horseshoe crab along the East coast, and in particular the

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The Refill Station

In 2022 SustainFloyd realized that the best way to reduce plastic waste is by avoiding single use plastics like shopping bags, take-away food containers and product packaging. With so much uncertainty about what happens to plastic waste that we try to recycle it is important that we use as little

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