Composting with Mark Hammas

Learn about inexpensive and thoughtful ways to turn your food waste back into nourishment for the soil. Mark gives ideas for low cost, efficient and bear proof composing.

Plenty Farm Food Bank

No More Food Waste with Plenty! Farm

While we are thinking about wastage in all parts of our food system, Kerry Ackerson shares her thoughts about food waste with us. Watch the video or learn more about Plenty.

SustainFloyd Logo

Who We Are: Introduction to Sustain Floyd Video

Take two minutes and have a look at who Sustain Floyd is and catch up with what we have been doing. To learn more about who Sustain Floyd is and what we do click below.

Floyd Maple Tree

Our Allies, the Trees

Our allies, the trees are important for many reasons. They bring beauty into our lives, they support birds and insects, and they play a critical role in climate stabilization. When the maple tree next to the Floyd Farmers Market was under threat, because it was looking a little too ragged …

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Tulip Tree Grove in Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

A New Look at Virginia’s Old Trees

It is told that, in the forests of post-revolutionary Virginia, the widely-spaced mature trees stood so tall and created so much shade that a gentleman could ride horseback from Richmond to Bristol and never take his hat off to brush and low branches. A squirrel could cover the same distance without touching the ground.

Wild garden club photo

Gardening in Floyd

Growing a garden has endless benefits. During times of uncertainty, literally putting your hands in the earth and caring for plants is a wonderful way to stay grounded. It comes with the added benefit of providing food for you, your family, your neighbors, and pollinators! Use the resources on this …

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Asparagus on Cutting Board

Food Waste Recipes

We are passionate about combating food waste. Whether it’s through buying less for personal consumption, donating to local food banks, or composting for your garden, we are always thinking of ways to reduce what goes into the landfills. One particularly delicious way to cut down on waste is to cook! …

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Winter Red Berries

5 Tips for a Minimal Holiday Season

SustainFloyd has many focuses from agricultural awareness and economics to the alternative energy, but something that is particularly poignant this time of year is sustainability. It is in our name, after all. But how can you live sustainably when the holiday season pushes for spending money on gifts and elaborate …

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