Earth News that Matters

EARTH HOUR March 27: Symbol or Substance? Ker Than for National Geographic News Published March 26, 2010 For Earth Hour 2010, record-breaking millions of businesses, homes, and landmarks around the world will turn off their lights Saturday evening for the sake of the planet, conservationists say. Now in its fourth

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Getting Off the Grid

If you haven’t heard of the “Bloom Box”, chances are, you will. This might be the first of the fuel-cell technologies to actually, economically (in today’s market) produce electricity at the point of use. Today, it is only affordable by the top dogs. In a few years, homes might have

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What is sustainability?

What is Sustainability? “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” (United Nations Bruntland Commission) At SustainFloyd we believe sustainability means working on solutions for today’s challenges while always looking towards the future. By practicing responsible land management, energy consumption and

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