Floyd County Recycles

We now have a concise and helpful guide to Floyd County’s recycling efforts. For a small rural county Floyd does a great job in trying to divert waste materials from the landfill to be recycled. In addition to 8 recycling locations (convenience centers) at Green Box sites across the county, […]

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Creative Solutions from VT Students

We were very happy to sponsor our third competition for Virginia Tech Industrial Design students. In the Fall Semester of 2023 we challenged the students to identify sustainability issues facing some Floyd organizations and asked them to offer design solutions. Students visited Red Rooster Coffee, Angels in the Attic, The

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The Refill Station

In 2022 SustainFloyd realized that the best way to reduce plastic waste is by avoiding single use plastics like shopping bags, take-away food containers and product packaging. With so much uncertainty about what happens to plastic waste that we try to recycle it is important that we use as little

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After the Holidays

When all the visitors leave and it’s time to move on to a fresh New Year there are abundant opportunities to take the more ecologically friendly road. From the wrappings and packaging of the presents under the tree, the tree itself, the old Christmas lights, unwanted gifts and overstocked food

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Recycling Event May 7

With the reopening of the Farmers Market we will be offering a monthly recycling event. Here’s a list of the items we will be collecting for recycling this month: #5 Plastic (for example yogurt pots) Medicine Bottles with Caps (labels removed) Plastic Film (for example single use shopping and produce

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Recycling Days

Bring your #5 plastic & plastic film Floyd County is working hard to provide recycling options to our community and we have great resources in the recycling containers at the green box sites. Please use those for the commonly recycled items. It is important to clean and sort your recycling so

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Join us to recycle #5 plastic, plastic film, printer ink, household batteries, lightly worn sneakers, medicine bottles, razor blades and packaging from Toms, Weleda & Burt’s Bees. We will be making a special collection of e-waste to deliver to Carillion Clinic’s e-waste recycling event in Roanoke. This is also happening

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Recycled Plastic Lantern

#5 Plastics Get a New Life

We are excited to share the work some Industrial Design students from Virginia Tech on products made from recycled #5 plastic. Ryan Conklin, collected a big load of the #5 plastic we collected at our recycling event last week for his project. He will be shredding melting, molding and machining

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