Blue Ridge Eco Fair April 25, 2021

A Celebration of Sustainable Living with Keynote Speaker Zach Bush, MD

What is the Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair?

As we struggle under the weight of current events:  Covid-19, an unsteady economy, dramatic weather events and the reignited fight for racial equality, we think it vitally important to continue to draw attention to the overarching threats of climate change and environmental degradation which are clearly woven through all these issues. It is a time to share information about life styles and activities that can both help support the environment and increase personal well-being.

Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair Logo

In developing the Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair we are getting excited by the possibilities it opens up. Over the two days of the event we will share a series of  live and pre-recorded presentations and online discussions. This will include speakers, virtual tours, panel discussions, product demonstrations, skill shares, and webinars. There will be practical information for householders and ‘big picture’ presentations.

• Farm and Food
• Energy and Transport
• Climate and Environment
• Home and Simple Living
• Youth Focused Activities

If you are interested in being a part of the presentation please contact us now. We would be happy to talk through options with you.

Blue Ridge Eco Fair Film Series

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