This is the Year to Simplify the Holidays.

Simplify the Holidays

Have you seen the news of possible shortages in stores this year? Don’t fret! This is the perfect opportunity to start simplifying your holidays. Deciding to go lean on what you buy this holiday season doesn’t mean you have to stop giving (or receiving) gifts. It’s about seeking meaningful, wildlife-friendly alternatives that don’t harm the planet. And often these alternatives are more memorable, unique and economical than mass-produced items found in big box stores. We understand that this might feel a little daunting, you might wonder:

-How do I have this conversation with my family? 

-What kinds of gifts and experiences can I include this year that will still make the holidays feel special?

-How do I wrap gifts in a eco friendly way? 

The good news is we are putting together a special little virtual event for you that will answer all these questions and more! Join us online at 6:00 on tuesday, Nov 16. A presentation by Kelley Dennings and Sarah Baillie from the Center for Biological Diversity about the need for simplifying holidays and tips on how to do it will be followed by some more local information from Barbara Pleasant, Garden and Food Writer; Carol Davis, Sustainablitly Manager for the Town of Blacksburg and Ann Raridon, President of Sustainable Blacksburg. You will be able to participate in polls and chats with ideas and questions. Sign up below:

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