The Revolution Generation

The Revolution Generation

SustainFloyd’s latest offering in our online film series is the new documentary The Revolution Generation from Josh & Rebecca Tickell, (Kiss the Earth, Fuel, Pump). The film will be available for on-demand viewing anytime from Earth Day, April 22 to May 22, 2022. Please complete the sign up form below to receive a registration link for the film.

The Revolution Generation explores how the millennial generation came to be, the world that the people in it grew up in, and the impact they have in the world. The film spotlights a generation that has been mischaracterized, mislabeled, and mocked. But Millennials occupy a special spot: They’re creators of social tech and native digital users, are anti-corporate crusaders, are more empathetic that any previous group. The issues ahead include securing voting rights, equality, and the safety of the planet itself. Can they take on the challenge?

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