Newtok Film Showing Through May

Water is a looming issue: too little of it in some places, too much in others. The small community of Newtok in Alaska is threatened by rising water. It is one of the early US communities to face the extreme situation of needing to relocate a whole community. Unless we get serious about climate issues these kind of situations will become common.

Meet the people of Newtok, and follow their struggle in this documentary film made by Patagonia (the outdoor company) as part of their environmental outreach mission.

Water will erase Newtok, Alaska. Built on a delta at the edge of the Bering Sea, the tiny Yup’ik village has been dealing with melting permafrost, river erosion and decaying infrastructure for decades. To keep their culture and community intact, the 360 Yup’ik residents must relocate their entire village to stable ground upriver while facing a federal government that has failed to take appropriate action to combat climate change. In moving their village, they will become some of America’s first 21st century climate refugees. It is a film about of a village seeking justice in the face of climate disaster.

This film is no longer available for viewing.

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