Floyd is blessed with a healthy local food system based on the hard work and determination of our farmers and food entrepreneurs, and on the sizeable group of local residents who value local food and support the producers.

By local food we mean food that is grown or processed here in the county and is available as a resource for local customers. We have also included a few producers who, although they live a little outside the county limits, sell at our local market and directly serve the Floyd community. The guide focuses on small local operations, businesses that create a high quality product and try to keep their environmental footprint small.

The Guide is designed to be an ever-growing directory of resources related to food production and consumption that is centered in Floyd County, Virginia.  Use the categories menu on the right to see only the vendors of a particular type of product, for example our bakers or food pantries, or scroll through the alphabetized list of around 90 vendors to appreciate the wide variety of food production here in Floyd.

We hope you enjoy this guide, and we encourage you to contact us with your questions and comments: info@sustainfloyd.org.