Ric Brown Solar Video

Alternative Energy Videos

As part of the Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair we featured presentations from experts in the field of alternative, clean energy. We are now happy to make these videos available for everyone. The provide information and views on wind energy, solar energy, and electric cars. Understanding Solar Ricardo Brown presents …

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Blue Ridge Eco Fair April 25, 2021

As we struggle under the weight of current events: Covid-19, an unsteady economy, dramatic weather events and the reignited fight for racial equality, we think it vitally important to continue to draw attention to the overarching threats of climate change and environmental degradation which are clearly woven through all these issues.

Blue Ridge Mountain Sunrise

Looking Forward to 2021

As we review the year 2020 and realize how much change we have lived with, there is a sense of wonder about what lies ahead. Looking forward to 2021 we see a vital role for the environmental movement and for the specific work we undertake at SustainFloyd. Here are some …

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Tulip Tree Grove in Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

A New Look at Virginia’s Old Trees

It is told that, in the forests of post-revolutionary Virginia, the widely-spaced mature trees stood so tall and created so much shade that a gentleman could ride horseback from Richmond to Bristol and never take his hat off to brush and low branches. A squirrel could cover the same distance without touching the ground.

Floyd Farmers Market 2020

Food Availability During Covid-19

In this time of Covid-19, we are lucky to have small farmers and businesses willing to adapt and get their food to the community through farm stores, delivery, and pick-ups. Here is a compilation of local resources that we will continue to update. Use our Food Guide to contact local …

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Wild garden club photo

Gardening in Floyd

Growing a garden has endless benefits. During times of uncertainty, literally putting your hands in the earth and caring for plants is a wonderful way to stay grounded. It comes with the added benefit of providing food for you, your family, your neighbors, and pollinators! Use the resources on this …

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