Office Coordinator and Communications Assistant Job Description

This is a part-time position that reports directly to the SustainFloyd President.  The Board’s aim in creating the position is to strengthen SustainFloyd’s capacity for effective administrative, communications and information services.  The purpose is to facilitate the timely flow of accurate information to internal and external stakeholders. The principle outcomes are professional support services for basic organizational operations, sustainable communication practices, positive outreach and information systems.


  • Presence: Be the welcoming and helpful public face for the organization.
  • Advocate: Promote the organization; help attract and maintain new volunteers, donors and Facebook/Instagram friends/followers.
  • Correspondence: receive and distribute in timely fashion snail mail, email, telephone, and social media. Either respond or pass-on requests for information, inquiries and messages to appropriate persons.
  • Financial: coordinate deposits and outgoing checks with our bookkeeper.
  • Filing: maintain an active filing routine, both paper and digital. Maintain all board related notices, agendas, minutes, and other board related activities and procedures.
  • Volunteers: Maintain updated lists of volunteers and help coordinate volunteers for events
  • Website: Update events, pages, and information on WordPress, as well as give instructions to our web-master as needed.
  • Newsletter:  Maintain the mailing list and help to collect information to distribute monthly.
  • Schedules: Send out reminders of meetings to board and committees, maintain organizational calendars—including Google Calendar
  • Donor services: Keep data current on donors, coordinate and exchange information and thank you notes.
  • Grant writing: Occasionally assist in writing grants for projects and funding for the organization. Also search out grants for projects that may suit.
  • Projects and events: Be a point of contact for project managers and be available to help as needed.
  • Meetings: Be an active member in working group and committee meetings held monthly in the office. Take notes and distribute recaps to the groups and maintain deadlines and timelines for projects.
  • Refrigerated Truck: Be main point of contact for truck hire and billing.
  • General: Keep the office tidy and functional. Do occasional research, maintain a close working relationship with the SF President and committee chairs.
  • Confidentiality: Maintain confidentiality in all aspects of the organization

Hours:   12 hours per week. Occasional evening or weekends may be required.

Compensation:  $12 per hour


Have an interest in issues of Sustainability.
Have a familiarity with the Floyd Community.
Well organized, hardworking and energetic.
Good people skills.
Good office and computer skills.
Familiarity with social media.
Send resume to or call (540) 745-4790.