Cider & Jack O’Lanterns: Oct. 26 Farmers Market Report

winning Favorite Jack O Lantern of Childrens Class
winning Favorite Jack O Lantern of Childrens Class
In spite of the cold weather, Saturday’s market was busy and market goers seemed to enjoy themselves. It was the last market of the formal market season and informal marketing will now begin. Please contact the Sustain Floyd office for information on vending in the Pavilion through the winter. Their number is 540-763-2019.

Saturday’s Cider Pressing event was popular and folks seemed as fascinated by the process as they were delighted with the product. I have my 1-gallon jug in the fridge slowly being drained!

We had fewer entries in the Jack-O-Lantern contest than last year but they were all works of art. First place winner for the adult class was entry #2, Rebecca Jackson; second place winner in the adult class was entry #1, Perrin Heartway. For the children’s class, first place was taken by entry #1, Dylan, and second class winner was awarded to #2, Zahra Miller. Pictures of the entries can be seen in the Photo album, “Look at the Products in the Market Today!!! October 26, 2013.”

Unfortunately, agriculture and the weather being what they were this year, we had a slow start to the season and some product was late coming into the market. However, our growers and vendors worked hard and we still had a great season because market patrons were loyal and continued to come to the market despite the weather. We would like to thank you for your patronage, which is what makes our efforts worthwhile.

We had some wonderful new vendors and more variety in products in the market. Hope and faith in the future are pillars of success for farmers and we expect that next season will be better than ever. Congratulations to all of our vendors for their hard work and persistence in making the market a great venue for shoppers and newcomers to Floyd.

The EBT volunteers who worked on Saturday were Beth Deskins and Margie Wells. Both of them are well known to all of the vendors as are many of the volunteers at the EBT/Information Table.

Consider that, on an average market day, one or two volunteers working the EBT/Information Table together may field EBT benefit, matching benefit, and credit card transactions that result in sales worth a little over $580. Also, most of these volunteers work more than two markets during the season. So, once again, thank you very, very much for your help!! Hopefully, we will see you again in 2014!!

The vendors and community certainly appreciated the teamwork between volunteers and the staff and management of Sustain Floyd for the two delicious Breakfasts in the Market. The funds raised through these events helps pay costs to manage and run the community market activities. Thanks everyone!

Someone has to come last but as they say, not least; our musicians help put us on the map. Floyd is on the Crooked Road and a vital part of the music scene. The presence of the musicians in the market attracts the attention of the public by alerting them to the fact that something interesting must be happening just around the corner or across the street. Their music keeps our spirits up when the market is slow and keeps things lively when the market is full. Their work lends ambiance to the market as well. We would like to thank you all: David Simpkins and the KGB; Bob Grubel and Cliff DuMais, Tim, Cassie and Chris; Randolph Walker, Scott Perry and his great students; Erica Joy, Fred Weber, Owen, and Richie Ursomayor and a couple of folks who just lept in there and jammed with the guys and gals of the bands. Thank you all, market goers, vendors, musicians, volunteers and Sustain Floyd staff and management for a successful 2013.

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