Market Grapevine for October 7

Putali Herbal Aromatherapy is offering a great opportunity to stock up fall/winter health needs: spend $16.00 (or more) on any Putali products and receive a free bottle of a single essential oil of your choice. This is the good stuff folks, handcrafted by Liz who will gladly discuss your health needs to assist in making your purchase.

Good Food Good People still offers a stunning array each Saturday morning.  Have you seen some of the winter squashes on display?  Some are outright beautiful, some so ugly they are gorgeous.  If pumpkin pie and soup taste like fall to you, this is your table.  Of course, there is still plenty of lettuce mix, peppers, apples, apples, apples, chestnuts, smoked trout, eggs, meat…..

I made the first fall soup this past week: butternut squash and apple soup made with homemade chicken stock (from a Highland Farm bird, of course.)  I had a parental confirmation moment when my five-year old asked for “some of that bread” (from Sweetwater), so he could dip it in the soup.  Bad manners? Maybe.  Good health? You bet.

Waterbear Farm offers fantastic looking cooking greens along with lettuce, fresh beets with greens, sweet potatoes and more.  Kester Clark still has plenty of produce coming our way including green beans, lettuces, greens, etc…..
The farmers Market will close for the season October 16th.  Get it while the gettin’ is good.

In case you have not dropped by, the Artisans Market still has a dizzying array of local crafters each and every Friday night. Let’s take a closer look.

Pat Sharkey of Earth Dance has been making jewelry since 1987, clearly inspired by the beauty of the natural world.  Earth Dance focuses on natural materials: gemstones, fossils, shells, etc….  Pat and husband Dave Brown incorporated a silversmith studio into the business in 2003 to allow hand-forged soldering techniques in silver, copper and gold.

“For me, jewelry acts as an expression of intimacy with the world around us,” Pat relates.  “That fundamental relationship is what I look to maintain in our work.  I am still awed by the beauty of our earth – and find joy in sharing that beauty with others.”

Pat and Dave individually choose each stone and set it to highlight its simple beauty resulting in stunning, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  Just right for that certain, one-of-a-kind someone this holiday season. Earth Dance will be at Floyd Artisans Market on Friday, October 8th and October 29th.

Joel Venditti just keeps raising the bar with his beautifully hand-dyed works of art on fabrics.  His spirals are whirlpools of spinning, bright colors, very eye-catching. If there is someone on your gift list who appreciates tie-dye, Joel’s work will blow them away.

Kari LeMay of Floyd’s A Crooked Little House will grace the market this Friday with her hand cut/hand painted metal products for the home and garden. This includes really cool bird houses and outdoor decorative pieces to grace any garden.

Any of these artists justify a whole store but here they are there, each Friday at the Community Market.  Only in Floyd!

See you at the Market.

Mike Burton is the Director of SustainFloyd.

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