Community Market Grapevine for Sept 9

One reason I like buying local food and growing my own is that extra layer of satisfaction I feel beyond the taste buds.  It’s knowing that this food came from our community, our local earth and that my money stayed in the community.  It’s watching my son eat a potato and knowing that that is the best possible potato he could eat. It’s this extra knowing or mindfulness that helps make it worth my efforts.

But what about the vessels?  You know, the cups, bowls, plates, etc…. that hold our food and dress our table.  I’m thinking about this because I had the good sense to buy a bowl and a mug from Floyd artist Eric Bolling at the Artisans Market this past Friday.  Over the weekend I made a rather scrumptious chicken soup from the leftover carcass of a Highland Farm chicken and odds and ends of my own veggies and such.  The soup just looked so beautiful in Eric’s bowl.  And as I sprinkled some chopped lamb’s quarter (yes, the weed – it’s really pretty tasty and full of good stuff) and a little fresh basil on top, it was really kind of stunning to behold.  My own little steaming still-life staring back at me right there on the table.

Did it taste better?  Heck, I don’t know.  It tasted really good, that’s for sure.  The bowl felt substantial in my hands, warming me on a fall evening while eating on the porch.  It sounded a full tone as the spoon clunked the bottom scraping for more.  And then there’s that mindfulness thing, just knowing the maker and being able to picture him and knowing that this simple purchase helped sustain him and his art.   Suddenly, the simple act of eating has taken on many levels in a way that makes my life richer, my connection to this place stronger.

The farmers market will have a different level this week as we hold our first annual Breakfast at the Market.  We’ll probably be able to take a limited number of walk-ups so if you haven’t purchased your ticket, come out early and hopefully we can get you in.  Then we’ll have the Harvest Festival and County Fair happening all around us throughout the day.  Please come say “Hello.”

Did anyone catch the mariachi band downtown this past Friday night in front of The Sun?  That was bizarre and really fun.  Just not use to hearing a horn section on a Friday evening.
We’ll have a few new twists at Friday’s Artisans Market, too, in the form of two new vendors.
Liz Garthly from Faith Mountain Farm will be bringing gourds and knitted items just in time for fall.  Virginia Shirley will debut with hand sewn and embroidered items and painted glass.  Welcome to our newest artisans!

See you at the Market!

Mike Burton is the Director of SustainFloyd.

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