Documentary Film, Ecosophia

A new offering in the SustainFloyd online documentary film series. This film will be available to view for free April 20-22, 2024. Sign up for the film below.

This documentary brings diverse perspectives on climate change, including climate scientists, social scientists, and indigenous people. The many voices intersect and converge on why climate change is called a crisis and why the planet needs more of our attention and care. The voices are overlaid with beautiful images of the world that is worth preserving. It is a striking call for wisdom.

Ecosophia—a term first used by French philosopher Félix Guttari and deep ecologist Arne Naess—means ecological wisdom.

ECOSOPHIA explores the interrelationship between energy, the economy, resources, population, psychology, spirituality, the biosphere, the limits to growth and climate change in an honest appraisal of our civilization and sustainability. A simpler world is coming, and what’s needed is as much a spiritual revolution as a physical one.

“I have finally found a film that presents at once the peril and possibilities of our never-before moment.” Kathleen Noone Deignan, Prof Emerita, Religious Studies, Iona University

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