Employment Opportunity: Farmers Market Manager

SustainFloyd Foundation, an environmental non-profit based in Floyd Virginia, is seeking to hire a manager for the Floyd Farmers Market. The activities include managing all aspects of the Farmers Market enterprise; being an advocate for local farmers, Market vendors, customers, sponsors and for the SustainFloyd Foundation. The manager will be given direction and support by the Floyd Farmers Market steering committee. 

The Floyd Farmers Market is a seasonal project with the most demanding efforts required from April through November. However, there will be activities year-round and the job could average 15-20 hours a week depending on the scope of work undertaken, (see below). The work can be accomplished by about ½ on-site work and about ½ from a home computer. This is a contract position that pays an hourly wage of $20 per hour. 

The application deadline has passed.

General Duties

  • Help recruit, jury and manage vendors for the Saturday Market.  
  • Monitor compliance with relevant regulations and codes and permits. 
  • Make stall assignments, coordinate vendor activities, enforce market rules, be an advocate and problem solver.   
  • Submit weekly financial forms, make deposits and follow the SFF accounting system currently in place. Work closely with the SFF bookkeeper.  
  • Manage the SNAP/EBT program at the market. 
  • Create and Manage special events, workshops and entertainment related to the Market. 
  • Provide active promotion for the market on social media.
  • Keep open lines of communication with the market committee and with SustainFloyd leadership.   
  • Attend workshops and other educational programs related to the position. 
  • Fundraising: Work with the SFF FM Committee to maintain existing sponsors and develop new ones. 

Market-Day Tasks

  • Be the go-to person on Market day. 
  • Oversee set-up and take-down and direct activities. Be the first person to arrive and the last to leave.  
  • Handle emergencies and receive feedback. 
  • Serve as the quality control person for products, as well as for the market’s general appearance and cleanliness.
  • Coordinate SNAP/EBT program with customers, vendors and volunteers. 
  • Maintain a presence at the market and information table for Q & A. 
  • Coordinate work with volunteers.

Communication, Promotion and Networking Tasks

  • Write content and send / post weekly market updates via Farmers market email newsletter, Farmers market Facebook page, Instagram, Farmers market website. 
  • Write press releases when necessary and represent the market in the Floyd community. 
  • Build positive relations with customers and partners.
  • Maintain communications with local officials and health inspectors as needed. 
  • Keep social media platforms current. 
  • Maintain a calendar of events.
  • Occasional updates for the SF board of directors. 
  • Help SF develop an on-line Farmers Market.  
  • Develop new promotional ideas.

Additional Opportunities

  • The Farmers Market Manager could also assist SustainFloyd with other tasks and special projects if it’s a good fit. For example; assist volunteers answer mail, doing fundraising, helping create newsletters and social media posts, work directly with the president of SustainFloyd. This could add 5-10 hours a week to the position. ”

We are no longer accepting applications.

Please send questions and comments to info@sustainfloyd.org.

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