Floyd: Economic Production vs Environmental Protection

Following are excerpts from an article on the unique economic approach to sustainability underway in Floyd County. Read it all in the March-May issue of Appalachian Voice (page 9) or click on the link, then click again to enlarge the page and read the article.

…“We hope to continue to further develop the entrepreneurial spirit here by being a vital community with local foods, strong telecommunications, live music downtown five days per week, arts classes and great recreational assets,” says (Lydeana) Martin.

Beyond supporting downtown retail and food service establishments, Martin also hopes to help Floyd’s farmers by lessening their dependence on the large-scale agricultural industry. This begins with helping small farmers find new markets for their products.

Community developers like Martin are matchmaking these farmers with restaurants, bakeries and stores whose interest in local, sustainably grown food is already piqued.

Floyd’s farmers market continues to grow and become a hub for biodynamic growers in the county. “We can capitalize on our people’s knowledge of renewable energy, green building, hand skills and technology so that we can really come to the table of the American economy without having to lose our soul to do so,” Martin said.  Read More from Appalachian Voice…

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