Hot Coffee and Peppers Warm the Market: Sept. 14, 2013 Farmers Market Report

IMG_2644Vendors and Patrons of the Market were treated to the aromas and warmth of freshly brewed pour-over coffee and roasting hot peppers and chestnuts on Saturday and will continue to enjoy these interesting activities and their warming products in weeks to come.

Attention canners! More winter squash, fall greens, and late summer products were to be found in the market on Saturday as predicted. We also had green beans of some great varieties, such as the string-less, meaty “Jade” by the pint, quart, half and full bushel at the Kester Clark Farm table. These will be available again next week, so canners should come prepared to stock up. The ladies also have shelled peas and beans and shucked white sweet corn available for cooks short on prep time.

Riverstone Farm and Good Food Good People have a wide assortment of vegetable products. Good Food Good People offers the widest selection of fresh fruit and will continue to offer hot house tomatoes. Indian Valley Farm has small yellow and red fleshed watermelons grown in plastic houses. They are very sweet! Arrowhead Farm sold the last of its Honey Crisp apples and plums last week and will leave the market to wait for more apple varieties to mature later in the month. Concord grapes are appearing in the market. Most of it is seeded. Howard at the Perennial Uprising table is selling seeded Concord grapes by the pint. They are aromatic and sweet: perfect for jelly or juice.

Grateful Bread will continue to offer sweet rolls and if you get to the market early, they will be hot! They also offer a variety of breads such as olive, herbed, and pepperoni bread. Sweetwater Bakery continues to provide the Floyd Market Collective an assortment of their wood-fired oven baked artisanal breads. If you like a dense, nutty-flavored dark bread, then try their sunflower seed bread. Delicious at breakfast hot and buttered or with prosciutto!

IMG_2656Highland Farm is out of the market until the first of October. Old Millstone Farm is in the market this month with pork, beef, and chicken. Their beef is angus and delicious as is their pork sausage! Good Food Good People also offer pork, beef and chicken products.

The market opens at 8:30 am and closes at 1 pm. We do offer credit card service and accept EBT cards from SNAP beneficiaries. SNAP beneficiaries, don’t forget our Double Your Money matching program. This is the time of the year to stock your shelves with canned goods homemade from the fall gardens, fields, orchards, and greenhouses of our vendors!

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