Landcare Australia Member Steve Burgess visits with SustainFloyd

Last week, SustainFloyd was visited by Steve Burgess, a Landcare Australia member as well as a Queensland conservationist and farmer. Escorted by our good friend and founding member Jerry Moles, Steve had a lot of interest in SustainFloyd and we have accomplished.

Having recently won the Bob Hawke Landcare Award, a $50,000 prize for work in food systems, Steve prioritized traveling to the U.S. to find out what’s going on here. He traveled to the 19th Annual Virginia Biological Farming Conference with a group from SustainFloyd and spent an afternoon on Riverstone Organic Farm. He had a special interest in the SustainFloyd refrigerated truck and how we manage it since his group in Australia has found that a rental truck is an incredible tool for the local farming community.

In an interview, Steve said he was going “to use the prize money to look at systems that are in place for small-scale agriculture production, particularly in horticulture. ‘That’s the way we are set up in the Mary Valley, with just small patches of good soil due to the way the landscape is. The challenge is trying to find a way to manage that landscape in the current economic system.'” —

For more information about Landcare Australia, click here.

For more information about SustainFloyd’s refrigerated truck, call us in the office: 745-SEED.

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