Blue Ridge Mountain Sunrise

Looking Forward to 2021

As we review the year 2020 and realize how much change we have lived with, there is a sense of wonder about what lies ahead. Looking forward to 2021 we see a vital role for the environmental movement and for the specific work we undertake at SustainFloyd.

Here are some of the projects on the boards for the coming year. They will help to strengthen our local resilience while also keeping the global need for drastic action to support environmental protection in our sights.

  • Continue to operate the Floyd Farmers Market and the Winter Market
  • Provide matching funds to SNAP recipients to buy fresh food at the Market
  • Create an online Floyd Farmers Market
  • Deepen the local conversation on creating a resilient local food economy
  • Create the 2021 Guide to Floyd Food both online and (hopefully) in print
  • Present the Blue Ridge Virtual Eco Fair April 24 & 25
  • Run a Youth Film Competition for environmentally focused videos
  • Create a Guide to Recycling for Floyd
  • Use our newly revamped website to share stories and information about sustainability
  • Explore the possibilities of a 2021 Film Series

All this can only happen with a team committed to seeing these projects thrive. We thank all of you who have contributed to SustainFloyd, both financially and with your energy. If you would like to make an end of year donation, here’s a link:

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