Market Grapevine for September 2

Our attention at SustainFloyd turns to the first big fundraiser for the Community Market, our Breakfast at the Market on September 11th.  The breakfast will be held under the pavilion during the farmers market beginning at 8:30 am until 11:00 am.  Alert readers may realize that the Harvest Festival and County Fair to be held that same day in downtown Floyd.  That’s no accident as we thought it a great way to kick off the Festival, with a good, hardy breakfast.

The meal itself will be celebrating the harvest, so to speak, as most of the ingredients will be sourced from local farms including farm-fresh eggs from Weathertop Farm, sausage from Bright’s Farm, local potatoes and perhaps some blueberry pancakes with local blueberries.  Thanks to Good Food Good People for helping gather this bounty with their knowledge and connections to all things local.  What better way to honor the harvest season than to indulge in it?

Natasha’s Market Café caters the event so you know it will be done right.  Tickets are available at the Harvest Moon, Floyd Country Store and, of course, during the markets on Friday evening and Saturday morning.  Prices are $8 for adults and $4.50 for the kids 11 and under so bring the whole family.   Sounds reasonable for that caliber of a meal, no?  We hope you can become part of what we trust will become a community tradition in support and celebration of our market and farms.

The last flush of corn comes in over this next period at the Farmers Market.  Kester Clark Farm reports they may be in with Golden Queen this week with Silver Queen coming in later.  The blueberries are thinning but we may have a line on another source to keep things going.    Tomatoes still coming on strong but reports of blight are rampant.  If putting up canned tomatoes, sauces or salsa is on your “To Do” list this summer, the time is nigh.

Peppers are in profusion as are green beans and beets.  Of course, the apple variety list keeps expanding.  Last week I mentioned the Honeycrisp apples as my favorite.  The one box of the delectable Honeycrisps allotted to our market sold out last week before yours truly could get to them.  Hmmm.  I better learn to keep my big yap shut as some folks are paying attention.

Remember that Oddfellas sets up their grilling booth each Friday at The Artisans Market for those wanting a quick, healthy bite on a Floyd Friday night.  We will have a baker’s dozen of vendors this Friday, including a few new crafters.  Anne Vaughn will showcase her custom made jewelry from beads and stones and Shanti Yard will have her hand turned bowls available.  Can’t wait to check those out.

See you at the Market!

Mike Burton is Director of SustainFloyd

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