Strawberries Hit the Market on Saturday

Photo by Walter J. Pilsak, Waldsassen | Wikimedia Commons

The Floyd Farmers Market will be open on Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. with strawberries and asparagus and more early spring produce. Warmer weather will allow more of these products into the market next Saturday.

Good Food — Good People will be back with tons of large, red strawberries and crisp baby kale, spinach, and baby lettuce of excellent quality. They received a new shipment if maple syrup, in small to large containers, and hard and soft cow cheese, including: Gouda, baby Swiss, and Colby and feta, ricotta and mozzarella. They hope to have more asparagus next week as well.

We expect to see Kester Clark Farm in the market with their garden greens, gourds and fairy stones. They expect to have plenty of strawberries as well.

Lynette and Bryan Vest will be in the market with their Old Millstone Farm products. They will offer pasture raised, grain fed beef and pasture raised pork. They expect to offer NY strips, rib eye and sirloin steaks as well as ground beef. Also, they will have pork chops and sausage. We look forward to their debut at the market on Saturday.

Kathy Dulaney of Highland Farm will add chickens to her Highlander beef and Tamworth pork products on Saturday. She will have whole and parts. She has had very good production this year, which Kathy attributes to an exceptionally protective rooster of whom she is very proud, and should have plenty of chicken on offer as well as eggs. Kathy has excellent pork sausage and chorizo to offer.

Black Water Loft will offer pour-over coffee, espresso and other coffee and teas. And they are wonderfully HOT! They also offer non-caffeine beverages as well as pastries. They will bring more of the larger pastries next week as well as a dynamite lemon cinnamon roll with lots of nuts and icing.

Maya and Lara will be in the market representing the Floyd Market Collective. They will offer herbal products, aromatic handmade soaps, delicious pastries and cakes, and a wider range of vegetable and herb transplants.

Last week we had Tim Pak provide our musical entertainment. As always, Tim received plenty of clapping and dancing. He is one of our favorite musicians. This Saturday, we will have another of our much appreciated bands, David Simpkins and the KGB. They have a distinct style and sound. WE look forward to having them play for us!

There is plenty to see and do at the market this Saturday and we are opening earlier than last year. Come on down to the Pavilion!

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