Summer Produce in the Floyd Farmers Market

Scott Perry & students
Scott Perry & students
Summer produce was fully in the market last weekend and is expected to pick up in volume. Sweet corn, summer squashes, green beans, field grown tomatoes, summer greens and herbs are all here.

We still have leeks, fennel, and plenty of spring mix, lettuce, collards, mustard and kale on offer. We expect to see more berries in the market. Blueberries are already coming in and will increase in volume later in the month. Blackberries may be in the market as early as this week. A tart early season variety of apple, Lodi, is in the market now. Sweet cherries are out, replaced by sour cherries. Cucumbers have arrived to the market as well.

Scott Perry and students were great. These talented musicians played tunes from a wide range of genres with a jazzy twist that was fun and different. Parents showed up to support the students and visit the market tables. We hope that he will be back with his students later in the season.

Blackwater Loft/Red Rooster Coffee now offers fruit drinks with their teas and coffees. As the weather warms up, remember that, in addition to their pour-over coffees, they offer iced coffee with the light and delicious pastries.

Dan Sweeney of Grateful Bread
Dan Sweeney of Grateful Bread
In the market this upcoming weekend: Buffalo Mountain Kombucha and Gathering Light Farm will join us. Gathering Light Farm is a new vendor to the market. They will have eggs, chicken and pork. Highland Farms will come to the market with fresh chicken, eggs, and beef. Riverstone Organic Farm will be in the market with their all organic produce. Good Food Good People will have Lodi apples and more sweet corn on Saturday. Kester Clark Farm expects to be back with more green beans as that crop picks up for them. Floyd Market Collective will have transplants, soaps and scrubs, herbal products and Sweetwater Bread’s wood oven baked bread products. Grateful Bread will return with more ham and cheese rolls, which they sold out of last week, as well as their bread. Bizzy Bee will be in the market-look for her side dishes, which are perfect to set out for the sport events and home cookouts. Rising Sun Community School will be in the market with an eclectic offering of products made by Susan and her students. Tree Gigante will have more flowers as the weather warms up and becomes sunnier.

As always, the Floyd Farmers Market offers EBT and credit card services. The EBT/SNAP benefits Double Value Program now doubles EBT spending benefits up to $50.00. The Floyd Farmers Market offers fresh, delicious and nutritious locally grown products and all these services every Saturday from 8:30am to 1 pm under the Floyd Community Pavilion in downtown Floyd so come see us there!

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