Blue Ridge Eco Fair Mission Control at SustainFloyd Office

Thank You for a Successful Eco Fair!

Our Blue Ridge Eco Virtual Eco Fair was a big success. Except for a few small technical glitches, everything ran smoothly and our presenters of the day did a wonderful job. Calling in from the West Coast, Hawaii, New Jersey and all across Virginia, they brought some truly meaningful conversation about “Making Choices that Matter.” Our thanks go to all of them, along with everyone else who supported this event: presenters of video material, donors, sponsors, the amazing tech team, and of course all of those who gave up time on a gorgeous spring day to join us. We hope you’ll join us again next time!

Look out in the coming weeks for recordings from the eco fair presentations, sessions, and booths. Our team is working hard to get them prepared and uploaded to YouTube and our website. We’ll send out an email as they become available.

What’s Next?

So how do we plan to follow the Eco Fair? Here are a few projects we’re working on:

  • An expanded Floyd Farmers Market opens this weekend
  • The Guide to Floyd Food is being updated for a new print edition
  • We are developing a project about recycling and waste reduction
  • We are organizing and developing our library of reference material
  • A ‘Concert for Climate Change’ is in the air for the fall
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