The Film Series: The Story of Plastic

The Story of Plastic presents a cohesive timeline of how we got to our current global plastic pollution crisis and how the oil and gas industry has successfully manipulated the narrative around it. From the extraction of fossil fuels and plastic disposal to the global resistance fighting back, The Story of Plastic is a life-changing, Emmy-winning film depicting one of the world’s most pressing environmental issues.

Our September offering for the SustainFloyd Film Series is The Story of Plastic. As we increase our efforts to reduce plastic use and dispose of waste plastic effectively we take time to look at the bigger story of how plastic has become such a large and invasive feature in our lives. Although there are legitimate uses for plastic–it can literally be a life saver–the growth of the ‘single use plastic’ culture is a practical nightmare. We are offering a free showing of this documentary in early September and will post the access information here as soon as it is available.

The film is no longer available.

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