The Great Story

April 18th at The Floyd Country Store
Doors open 6:30pm

The thinking of Catholic monk and author, Thomas Berry, describes the big picture behind the activities of SustainFloyd. In relation to the natural world he believed that ‘the mountains, rivers, birds, fish, all living organisms are not there for our use but for a union which is needed for us to become who we are’. This film about Berry’s life and work is a reminder that we need to focus on creating an economy that honors the bountiful planet–a work that for us includes developing healthy food systems, non destructive energy systems and an increased awareness of the impact of our individual lives.

The film will be preceded by a beans and rice dinner and followed by a discussion led by Fred First, Joe Klein and Alwyn Moss.

Tickets: $5 at the door. Beans & Rice available for a further $5 donation.



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