What is sustainability?

What is Sustainability?

“Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.” (United Nations Bruntland Commission)

At SustainFloyd we believe sustainability means working on solutions for today’s challenges while always looking towards the future. By practicing responsible land management, energy consumption and food production we can satisfy our current needs while also allowing, or even helping, future generations to satisfy their needs.

In our small community of Floyd, VA, the future is developing right before our eyes. It can be seen in the faces of our children and grand children and in the shaky legs of the calves born each spring. Of course, the future also means the influx of new businesses, new construction, and difficult choices. What will our community look like in twenty years? In fifty years? One hundred? It is up to us to decide.

SustainFloyd is proud to join the national and global effort towards sustainability, ensuring our quality of life, and the quality of life for our future generations, is protected and enhanced.

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