The Southern Appalachians, home to Floyd County, Virginia, was identified as one of six biodiversity hotspots in the United States by The Nature Conservancy and NatureServe in their joint publication, Precious Heritage: The Status of Biodiversity in the United States (2000). Virginia as a whole is an unusually biodiverse state. …

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The Refill Station

In 2022 SustainFloyd realized that the best way to reduce plastic waste is by avoiding single use plastics like shopping bags, take-away food containers and product packaging. With so much uncertainty about what happens to plastic waste that we try to recycle it is important that we use as little …

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Zero waste food shopping and storage in cotton eco bags

Recycling Initiative

Toward Zero Waste The world of waste materials is so complicated that even the experts struggle to understand how to make the most impact. Still, there are obvious ways in which we can make a difference. One simply immediate way is to reduce packaging. According to the EPA, containers and …

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Floyd Community Market Pavilion

Farmers Market

SustainFloyd welcomes this year’s farmers market vendors. Join us any Saturday morning from May to November to find fresh fruit and vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, baked goods, flowers, preserved foods, coffee and more. Our part time vendors will bring special extras each week. To keep up with the news each …

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Floyd Energy Fest

Blue Ridge Eco Fair

A Celebration of Sustainable Living The Blue Ridge Eco Fair is founded on three years of the Floyd Energy Fest. We are excited to share the evolution of this project in 2021. We have widened the focus to include more aspects of sustainable living at our annual event. The event …

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Economics of Happiness Film

Film Series

Since 2011 SustainFloyd has been showing a series of documentary films relating to our mission. It’s one way to get enliven the local discussion of issues relating to securing a sustainable future. Our film committee considers ideas for films submitted by board and community members and tries to offer documentaries …

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Resources and Links

Farm / Agriculture / Food Farm To School Food Navigator-USA National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition The Contrary Farmer: Gene Logsdon What is Sustainable Agriculture? Plenty! Floyd Value Adding Feasibility Study In and Near Floyd Community Foundation NRV Grayson Land Care Healing Harvest Forest Foundation New River Land Trust Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary …

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Protecting Natural Resources

Adopt a Service Tree

There Are Many Reasons to Value Trees For beauty For shade For food and building materials For medicines For supporting the network of wildlife For providing oxygen and improving air quality For sequestering carbon and ameliorating climate change For conserving water and preserving soil For being our partners in the …

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Climate Change Factories

Personal Climate Pledge

As many of you are aware, the climate of the planet is changing rapidly. The ice caps are melting at an alarming rate and weather abnormalities are occurring more frequently. The United States now stands along among all nations in our refusal to take part in the Paris Climate Agreement, …

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Growers Round Table 2016

Growers Round Table

In order to better assess the needs and wishes of local growers SustainFloyd convened a Growers Round Table in February 2016. Over 80 farmers and food entrepreneurs attended and there was a lively interaction. The meeting included representatives from the Floyd County Economic Development office, Floyd County Extension Service, and …

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SustainFloyd Food Truck

Refrigerated Truck

Rent the Refrigerated Truck As we researched the needs of local farmers and food entrepreneurs, one theme that kept recurring was the need for better transportation and delivery options. This lead us to use grant funding to purchase a second-hand refrigerated box truck that can be employed for delivering temperature …

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Beginner Farmer Workshop

Beginner Farmer Workshops

SustainFloyd has now run two series of farming workshops for beginner farmers and gardeners. Floyd has some good agricultural land, not the big swaths of flat land that are needed for large scale agriculture, but small pockets of land suited to small scale, intentional farming. This is a good location …

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