Artisans Market

Open May through December, the artisans market connects consumers with our existing community of heritage craft artisans and musicians to form a dynamic creative economy.

Floyd Artisans Trail Tour

We are committed to the growth of the creative economy because it is inherently local and sustainable, adds to the texture and diversity of our community and helps shape the quality of life in Floyd.

Farm to School

Our goal in taking on this project was to encourage the  Floyd school system to buy from local farms and increase the amount of fresh produce being served. This had the dual benefit of creating revenue for farmers and ensuring fresh, nutritious food to our schoolchildren – and all while avoiding high transportation costs and greenhouse gas emissions!

Communications Working Group

This Working Group’s evolving function will be to foster an intentional effort to capture the story of the organization in community and the community at large. Narratives (including interviews, essays, poetry, photography and other expressive media) will explore what it means to strive for a resilient, just and sustainable state of well-being in Floyd County and Southwest Virginia.