Bringing Community Together

In the spirit of bringing community together around a sense of place and an honoring of our home, SustainFloyd has reached out and arranged gatherings. The first such gathering was the oopen meeting in 2008 to discuss the need for a non profit organization focused on issues of sustainability. We offered dinner and a presentation to the 60 attendees, and from that meeting the seed of SustainFloyd germinated.

Celebrating the Community Market

Our Breakfast at the Market events are in part designed to celebrate our farmers market, and equally importantly to bring people together to enjoy the unique feel of the Floyd community. The ticket price of these events covers the costs, but the many hours of volunteer time involved are given with a sense of contributing to the magical coming together of the Floyd community. The breakfasts feature food from local farms and authentic local music.

Information for All

Dine for a Cause started as a fund raiser, but we came to realize that it was mostly an opportunity to convene a group of people around a topic of sustainability. We have brought in a first rate speakers, and cooked beans and rice for a crowd. Now it is an offering from SustainFloyd to the community. Our hope is that the messages brought by such speakers as Anthony Flaccavento, Ed Brown and Patrick Holden resonate with those attending and get carried far beyond SustainFloyd.

Communications Working Group

This Working Group’s evolving function will be to foster an intentional effort to capture the story of the organization in community and the community at large. Narratives (including interviews, essays, poetry, photography and other expressive media) will explore what it means to strive for a resilient, just and sustainable state of well-being in Floyd County and Southwest Virginia.

Community Gathering
At a preliminary community gathering over 60 people enjoyed dinner and engaged in the conversation that led to the formation of SustainFloyd.
Market Breakfast Pancakes
Sharing the bounty of local foods, and buckwheat pancakes, at the Annual Farmers Market Breakfast
Patrick Holden
Over 200 people gathered to share beans and rice and listen to Patrick Holden, Director of the Sustainable Food Trust