Blue Ridge Eco Fair:
A Celebration of Sustainable Living

Founded on three years of the Floyd Energy Fest

We are excited to share the evolution of this project, complete with a new name and location. This year we have decided to widen the focus and include more aspects of sustainable living at our annual event. It will include a wide range of presentations, activities, and vendors relating to alternative energy and transportation, small and tiny houses, reducing waste and pollutants, and the joy of a simpler lifestyle. Collectively, our community has an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in simple living, and we are creating a space and moment in time to share and build upon ideas and practices.

The Fair will be held at the Floyd EcoVillage, a location with many examples of sustainable strategies right on site. We will also be moving the date to the evening of November 6th–7th 2020. Having it in the fall will allow us to include regional students in our programs–we are working to set up projects and competitions with local schools and colleges.

Stay tuned for more details and updates about this invigorated Floyd event!