Less Plastic Challenge

We are arranging a meeting September 15 to get ready to launch this event–and get the word out. Let us know if you would like to join us. Use the button below to email us.

Once we start seeing how much plastic we use and waste it’s hard to stop seeing it.

Approximately 50% of plastic goods in the US are used once and then thrown away. These are the plastics of greatest concern and the ones that we can easily do something about by replacing them with reusable goods. According to EPA statistics the average American throws away about 4.5 lbs of trash per day. 19.2% of that is plastic. That means about over 300lbs of plastic per person per year goes to the landfill–and the EPA estimates that only 9% of that is even recycled.

Here in Floyd, like any other small community, the challenges of accumulating waste are tough. With no funds for automatic sorting equipment a great deal depends on the consumer to clean and sort their recyclables. And then the recycling market is unstable–it just is not the ultimate solution.

Looking at ways to replace throw away items, or to short circuit the need for them, is the more intelligent approach.

That’s what our November “Less Plastic Challenge” is about. We will be planning this event in the next couple of months. Please do join us help us create a really effective event and to outreach to the community.

We are looking for partners to help us develop this as a community wide campaign and to help spread the word.

We are hoping to show the film The Story of Plastic in early September. On September 15 we will gather to prepare the launch of our challenge Save the date on your calendar.

Contact us here: info@sustainfloyd.org if you are interested in helping to grow this project.

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