Solar Wagon

Solar VoltzWagon

Sustainfloyd is moving forward to promote energy independence in a sustainable fashion. We have undertaken a project to design and build a mobile solar electric generator. This generator is a valuable tool in educating Floyd County adults and children about the benefits of renewable energy. In addition to the educational …

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SNAP Wells Fargo Donation

SNAP Program

Improving Access to Local Foods To provide local food for the whole community, SustainFloyd has provided an EBT (food stamp) machine at the Floyd Community Market to receive tokens for purchases from our local growers. This allows families receiving SNAP benefits to purchase fresh, local foods at a reduced rate. The …

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Voluntours March 2016


SustainFloyd partnered with Via International, of San Diego, Calif. and Tijuana, Mexico, to develop Floyd County as a site for Voluntours, a program that combines education, cross-cultural exchange, and volunteerism while directly supporting community development and sustainability efforts in local, grassroots communities. SustainFloyd hosted 4 programs during spring breaks from …

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Dine for a Cause

Dine for a Cause

Dine for a Cause started as a fund raiser, but we came to realize that it was mostly an opportunity to convene a group of people around a topic of sustainability. We have brought in a first rate speakers, and cooked beans and rice for a crowd. Now it is …

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Market Breakfast Volunteers

Breakfast at the Market

Our Breakfast at the Market events are in part designed to celebrate our farmers market, and equally importantly to bring people together to enjoy the unique feel of the Floyd community. The ticket price of these events covers the costs, but the many hours of volunteer time involved are given …

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Graf Solar Panels

Solar Home Tour

In October 2015, SustainFloyd arranged a Solar Home Ramble, an event aimed at making information about solar energy available to a wider audience. It was a chance for members of the public to visit a dozen private residences and businesses that had chosen to invest in solar energy. Owners graciously …

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Berzins Tiny House

Tiny House Tour

The concept of “Living Lightly on the Earth” is central to SustainFloyd’s mission. Living with care and attention and making a small footprint is a realistic way to make a difference. In May 2014, five families opened their homes to visitors and talked about the challenges and joys of living …

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SustainFloyd Energy Committee

Energy Committee

SustainFloyd Energy Working Group Team Members: Rick Brown, Woody Crenshaw, Dave Albee, Mike Burton, Billy Weitzenfeld Chair: Co-Chairs Rick Brown and Billy Weitzenfeld Aim: The working group’s aim is to identify energy related projects that fall within the SustainFloyd (SF) mission and serve the community. Purpose: Our purpose is to plan, develop, and implement …

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High School Salad Bar

Farm to School

SustainFloyd received funding for a two-year project aimed at bringing local foods into the school system, and providing education to students about the value of whole foods. The project allowed our project coordinator, Amy Avery Grubel, to arrange a number of tastings and lessons in the schools, and to work …

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SustainFloyd Community Meeting

Community Events

In the spirit of bringing community together around a sense of place and an honoring of our home, SustainFloyd has reached out and arranged gatherings. The first such gathering was the open meeting in 2008 to discuss the need for a non profit organization focused on issues of sustainability. We …

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Blue Valley Organic Farm Greenhouse

Working Model Farm

For generations, Floyd County has relied on conventional agriculture as its primary economic activity, and more recently, cattle and dairy farming have dominated this industry. More than 160 people learned in January, 2013 about the model that’s been developed to theoretically allow one person to make a living off an …

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Shelor's Furnace on Old Furnace Road

Communications Working Group

This Working Group’s evolving function is to foster an intentional effort to capture the stories of the organization within the community and those of the community at large. Through narratives, including interviews, essays, poetry, photography and other expressive media, we explore what it means to strive for a resilient, just, …

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