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Refrigerated Truck

Rent the Refrigerated Truck

As we researched the needs of local farmers and food entrepreneurs, one theme that kept recurring was the need for better transportation and delivery options. This lead us to use grant funding to purchase a second-hand refrigerated box truck that can be employed for delivering temperature sensitive food.

Gradually we have found that the truck is filling a need in Floyd, and during the season is rented three or four days a week, allowing local producers to make refrigerated deliveries at a reasonable cost. The rental cost of the vehicle is $75 a day for occasional use and $65 a day for regular use, well below the market rate.

The truck can be rented by contacting the SustainFloyd office. Call us at 540-745-7333 to get full information and to set up an account. Once this is done, the truck can be booked through a Google calendar.

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