There are many reasons to value trees

  • For beauty
  • For shade
  • For food and building materials
  • For medicines
  • For supporting the network of wildlife
  • For providing oxygen and improving air quality
  • For sequestering carbon and ameliorating climate change
  • For conserving water and preserving soil
  • For being our partners in the living world since the beginning of our human existence.

In native cultures all over the globe trees are revered, in recognition of the important role they play in the sustenance of life. In modern cultures this important fact is often forgotten as we pursue our overcrowded lives.

Today there is an awakening awareness that to preserve the beauty and bounty of the creation, and to stop environmental changes that threaten our future, we must pay attention to the world of trees.

Here, in Floyd, we are blessed with a high percentage of tree coverage, around 60%. Still, there is much room for improvement and several groups in the area are stepping up to offer their services to local citizens who wish to create new plantings and to preserve and enhance existing growth.

Adopt a Service Tree

As one small part of the picture,  SustainFloyd is offering a program called “Adopt a Service Tree.” This is a program to help churches, school and community groups, as well as private families to plant 1 to 3 small trees, which will eventually serve to support birds and other animals that enjoy the fruits and nuts of native trees. You can apply for free saplings and supplies by completing our online form. There are a limited number of trees available.

Thank you to all for your tree requests. All our trees are now assigned.
Please keep tuned for news of further opportunities.

How to Adopt a Service Tree

Planting trees is a way to invest in the future. Years down the road a tree planted today will be providing food, shade and shelter, in addition to the oxygen it adds to the air for us. Tree planting projects are an effective way to engage new people with the outside world and the beauty that surrounds us. A school or Sunday School group, club or a family group can follow the growth process and take responsibility for one small piece of life. We’d like to help you get started.SustainFloyd is providing some free ‘service’ trees to the community. These are mostly relatively small trees that are suited to our environment and will provide food for wildlife, and in some cases for people too. The trees will come with detailed planting instructions and help if needed. We will provide mulch and protection for each tree to help it get established.

You can apply for your trees by completing a simple application. The saplings you receive will be grown from seed and will be in their third season. They will be around 4 foot tall, but still quite slender. Planting will be in spring or fall. A few larger trees will be available for early applicants from schools.

We will be offering the following trees as long as supplies last:

  • Eastern red cedar
  • American basswood
  • Elderberry
  • Chinese chestnut
  • Red mulberry
  • Mountain ash
  • Black Locust

Supplies are very limited, so if you are interested apply now. You can apply by completing our simple online application. Printed applications are also available at the SustainFloyd office.

A Program Inspired by a Pilgrim

The Adopt a Service Tree Program grew out of an experience at a pilgrimage site in France.

More Trees Please!

An active local program is being run by More Trees Please! Floyd, Virginia’s Forest Initiative. Their mission is “To draw down carbon emissions via reforestation and avoided deforestation. MTP! will help landowners access federal and state cost-share programs, organize site visits with professional foresters, and organize volunteer planting parties. More Trees Please! will aggregate landowners into carbon market collectives and will be a repository of information regarding planting and caring for saplings.