Nextrek Plastic Film Challenge

Bring Your Plastic Film to the Farmers Market for the Trex Bench Challenge

We are participating in the NexTrex Challenge. To complete this challenge we need to collect 500 pounds of plastic film in six months! Bring your plastic film to the Farmer’s Market on our recycling day the first Saturday of every month. Once we complete the challenge, you’ll get to enjoy sitting on the TREX bench at the Village Green!

Plastic film can be recycled into TREX decking if it is:
  • clean
  • any color
  • stretchy (even a little stretch)
  • labeled #2, #4, PE, or NexTrex (but doesn’t have to be labeled)
  • not crinkly/shiny like foil electronics bags or flower wrap
  • doesn’t tear easily like paper
  • not foil lined
  • not packaging for meat, animal food, garden soil, mulch, candy bars, or chips
  • not stained with food residue
  • not plastic mesh bags (like oranges come in) or 6-pack rings (cut these up!)
  • not heavy-duty like bedding packaging that has zippers and handles
  • not compostable or biodegradable plastic film
  • not vinyl (shower curtains, table cloths)

When we say “clean,” we mean more-or-less. TREX has indicated that this isn’t strict, but a general guideline. Remove tape and labels where you can but some % of labels are fine, so recycle it with or without!!

  • clean plastic grocery bags
  • clean saran wrap or shrink wrap
  • clean cereal box liners
  • clean ziploc baggies
  • dry cleaning bags
  • clean bread bags
  • clean produce bags
  • water bottle case overwrap
  • plastic shipping envelopes
  • shipping air pillows and bubble wrap

Together we can create a change in consciousness, keep Earth a garden, and leave Floyd beautiful for our grandchildren.

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