Creative Solutions from VT Students

We were very happy to sponsor our third competition for Virginia Tech Industrial Design students. In the Fall Semester of 2023 we challenged the students to identify sustainability issues facing some Floyd organizations and asked them to offer design solutions. Students visited Red Rooster Coffee, Angels in the Attic, The Floyd Country Store, Heather’s Clothing and SustainFloyd’s Refill Station.

Students defined a problem they had observed and proposed a solution. Representatives from Sustain Floyd and VT faculty members reviewed the posters and models created by the students. We awarded prizes based on these reviews. The first prize winners were Tess Lunetta’s Mendy a device to help users make a creative repair of damaged clothing, and Danielle Mason’s Froth’n’ All, a set of pitchers designed to address the escalating carbon footprint produced by dairy milk.

Other winning entries suggested ways to use some of the materials received by Angels in the Attic that cannot be sold. Several students offered interesting ideas of how to raise the profile of the Refill operation run by SustainFloyd and to make it run more efficiently, including the design above from Farida Hanna.

We were delighted to spend time with the students and hear some fresh new ideas. Design for sustainability is a critical part of creating a livable future.

We thank the Virginia Tech students and staff for their inspiring work and to the hosts in Floyd who gave their time to help the students understand where some improvements in sustainability can be made.

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