SEED: The Untold Story Inspires Locals to Dig Deeper

On February 22nd, SustainFloyd screened SEED: The Untold Story as a part of their Spring 2018 Film Series. During the film, many noticed the hardships that face farmers today from extreme debt, pesticide control, and diminishing seed varieties. After the film, the group was left in a sort of somber yet still hopeful state as a conversation between Veronica Santo, Morgan Ohland, and Polly Hiser began to talk about how locals can save their heritage seeds and bring back some lesser known species.

Mark Schonbeck, author and long-time supporter of SustainFloyd, shared several sites and resources for anyone interested in organic farming and seed preservation.

This isn’t just a nationwide issue but rather a worldwide crisis. If you’d like more information about seed saving, organic farming, or what you can do to promote local food, contact us at 745-SEED or

A special thank you to Riverstone Organic Farm for sponsoring the film, and The Floyd Country Store for hosting our event.

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