How You Can Help SustainFloyd

SustainFloyd is a young non-profit with a big vision. Everywhere we look we see important work to to do, and our resources are currently limited in relation to the immensity of the challenges. As we work to leverage these resources into practical results, we need to bring together critical thinking, volunteers for projects and financial support. We ask for your help with this.

We will only be successful if we act from the collective wisdom of our community. We are looking for ideas and for energetic volunteers to help turn those ideas into reality. There are several ways you can assist us:

Make a Donation

Help us protect Floyd County’s natural resources and local economy.

Become a Member

Meet others interested in sustainability and share your ideas.


Join our vibrant group of volunteers and help out with our projects.

Get Involved

Our organization began as the result of a community coming together to make a difference. We realize that to create a sustainable community in Floyd County and beyond, we must join our time, creativity, expertise and ideas.

We have been fortunate to have a large, committed group of volunteers including our all-volunteer Board of Directors. Countless others also have donated their time and talents in organizing projects such as the Floyd Community Market, Farm to School and other educational, fundraising and awareness projects.

SustainFloyd regularly uses volunteers to assist in carrying out projects. Are you looking to help out and engage with the Floyd community? Here are a few different options for volunteering:

  • Work at the SNAP/EBT booth at the Floyd Farmers Market.
  • Work at the Refill Station.
  • Help out at the Reuse/Recycle Monthly Events
  • Distribute reuse materials to local businesses.
  • Help with Wildflower Wednesdays or Tree giveaways
  • Distribute brochures, fliers and rack cards for the Floyd Artisan Trail Tour in nearby communities like the Roanoke Valley and New River Valley.
  • Provide specific skills, such as legal, financial, research, and social networking skills.

Not all of these opportunities are available all the time, but they give a sampling of the kinds of things volunteers with SustainFloyd can help us with.

Reuse/Recycle Volunteers
Sustain Floyd Recycling Event 2024

SustainFloyd is an approved 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations are tax deductible. From it’s inception, SustainFloyd was envisioned as an organization that would direct donated funds toward practical projects to build a more sustainable local community and world. If you are interested in our issues and want to support this effort with a financial donation, we will put your money to work wisely.

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