App State Scrapes the Plate

Over the 1999 spring semester, students enrolled in a sustainable development curriculum at Appalachian State spearheaded a project to collect food waste from campus food services. A year later, students in an Appropriate Technology curriculum track launched a pilot project, constructing an aerated static pile and composting about 18 tons

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Size Small: Field Hands

About 35 Blue Mountain School (BMS) students, along with several BMS teachers and parent volunteers, spent a recent morning planting potatoes as part of Floyd’s Farm to School Program (FTS).  The planting, supervised by the Five Penny Farm farmers at their fields on Shooting Creek Road, was the latest step

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We Vote With Our Forks

“Peak” is a popular word these days—in particular when used before the word oil. But Peak Dirt? The concept refers to topsoil or, to be more specific, topsoil depletion. Earth, on average, is covered with about 3 feet of topsoil and this shallow skin of nutrient-rich matter sustains most of

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